Become a local contributor

We believe the future of local journalism lies in the hands of the local community. That’s why our editorial team is a collective made up of  in-house professional journalists that work together with a network of local contributors and citizen journalists.

Want to be part of the new face of local journalism? We have opportunities for regular and occasional contributors to be published on Bethnal Green LDN. Please contact us here.

Bethnal Green LDN is published by Social Streets C.I.C, a not-for-profit news and media company that uses local journalism as a vehicle to strengthen local communities. 

About our Citizen Journalism Scheme

Some local contributors, who are looking to deepen their journalistic skills and widen their experience, join our Citizen Journalist Scheme. These are regular contributors with whom we work especially closely. For some the benefit is to receive mentoring and support throughout the content creation process. For others it is to practice their art and expand their portfolio. Our Citizen J’s have the opportunity to join our monthly Open Editorial Meetings to help develop and plan ideas.