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A neighbourhood magazine

Bethnal Green LDN is a daily magazine that covers arts, culture, heritage, shopping, local campaigns and things to do in Bethnal Green.

We cover events throughout East London, and our cultural and heritage content reaches people across London and further afield.

We are a multimedia publication. We publish daily on our website and send out a weekly edition to our subscribers. We will soon be in print too.

We run social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help grow our audience of local residents and destination visitors.

Championing local community

Bethnal Green LDN is published by Social Streets C.I.C, a not-for-profit media company whose mission is to increase participation in local community. We publish high street magazines, run digital training programmes, and offer digital marketing services, designed for businesses and organisations in the local communtiy.

We are passionate about the high street and believe it is a vital community space that provides opportunities and wellbeing to the community.  For decades high streets have been struggling in the face of changing shopping habits, yet local people still want to have exciting places to eat, drink, shop and socialise in their neighbourhood.

So we work day in day out to grow local audiences and connect them to the most exciting and inspiring things in their local area.

Independent, trusted journalism

Bethnal Green LDN is an independent organisation with editorial integrity, not a mouthpiece for a corporate or municipal body.

We are a band of passionate people who pound the pavements and write from the heart, not a content marketing agency hired to create bland, promotional content.

We produce high quality written, visual and video content written by media professionals who are committed to bringing excellence to local community.

We have a background in community development, leading on projects that work with local schools, art groups and cultural organisations.

Our content is read and respected not just locally but citywide and nationwide too.

Our readers are local and love local

Our core readership is the 30,000 people who live in Bethnal Green.

Our readers are aged 25-45 and place value on cultural capital, arts and heritage, living in a multicultural city, the East End’s pioneering spirit, and being part of an active and engaged community.

Our readers love their community: they believe in supporting local independent shops, caring for the environment, and getting to know their neighbours. They like to be on first name terms with shop owners, to know the best kept secrets about the area, and to be able to tell their friends and family about them.

The No 1 local marketing resource

We work tirelessly to grow our network of local people for you. Our community-led methods and projects mean we reach people that most other publications can’t.

Our branding is influential with people who care about supporting local businesses and living a more meaningful, ethical and sustainable life.

We are online experts and can help your business reach local people on all major digital platforms including the web, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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If you are interesting in partnering with us please request a Rate Card from Tabitha Stapely at Social Streets C.I.C, the news and media company that publishes Bethnal Green LDN.

If you are an independent shop or organisation on the high street with fewer than five employees, please request our Community Rate Card, which offers some amazing deals to support the local high street.