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We are at a critical crossroads and need your immediate action to prevent the closure of your local news title Bethnal Green LDN. We are asking 166 readers to become £6 members to cover our shortfall and ensure we can continue to provide crucial reporting about your area beyond summer 2024. We’ve had a great start to our appeal with 40 people signing up in the first 48 hours so we know we can succeed. Can we count on you?

We are a social enterprise and aim to be fully funded by our members because we want to be accountable to the local community we serve and not to outside sponsors. A tiny team of four covers Bethnal Green LDN and our three sister sites in Tower Hamlets. If you value our role as a trusted local media organisation that works for the benefit of our community, please support us by becoming a member today.



Prefer not to become a member? You can also support us with a single donation. You can choose the amount to donate, and the minimum donation is £15, one hour of a journalist’s time.


We’re looking for patrons who believe in local news as much as we do and would like to sponsor journalism training for local young people, many of whom come from underrepresented backgrounds. For £3,000 you could sponsor one Fellow through our six-month Fellowship programme, providing them with one-to-one training, mentoring and support in finding a job in journalism, and helping to make the media more representative. To find out more about how the Fellowship works, contact Tabitha Stapely.