The Most Dangerous Junction in Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green’s dangerous unction between Cambridge Heath and Hackney Road is a busy intersection of roads for cars and passengers alike, however, it is cyclists who need to be most careful.

According to the London Cycling Campaign, the Cambridge Heath and Hackney Road junction is the most dangerous in Hackney for cyclists with 12 collisions in the past five years. 

The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has given the junction a danger metric of 5.5; The danger metric is calculated by the severity of the worst casualty involved 6.8 for fatal, 1 for severe & .06 for slight. 

The LCC has ranked the intersection between Cambridge Heath Road, Hackney Road, Bishops Way and Clare Street with the highest danger metric of all junctions in Tower Hamlets. 

There are yet to be any fatal accidents for cyclists at the site, but there have been six “severe” and seven “slight” collisions.

This data is part of The LCC’s Dangerous Junctions campaign, which was launched in 2022 following the deaths of Dr Marta Krawiec and Shatha Ali at Holborn gyratory junction in North London. The LCC’S data on junctions has been sourced using the OSMnx package that relies on OpenStreetMap data.

Tom Fyans, Chief Executive, of London Cycling Campaign said: “Behind this horrific data are hundreds of stories of families torn apart by tragedy and lives changed forever. The Mayor has committed to a ‘Vision Zero’ for London by 2041 – but that would mean over 17 years more fatal and serious collisions for Londoners – we need to be faster and bolder. 

The LCC’s data on junctions has been sourced using the OSMnx package that relies on OpenStreetMap data. Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “My ambition to adopt a Vision Zero approach focuses our efforts on road danger reduction – primarily targeting the sources of road danger, rather than the potential victims.”

Vision Zero is a strategy aimed at eliminating all traffic fatalities and severe injuries.