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HSBC on Bethnal Green Road permanently closes

Bethnal Green’s HSBC customers will have to travel to Bishopsgate now as more than 400 banks and building societies across the country close their doors

The HSBC bank branch on Bethnal Green Road permanently closed on Monday 22 August.

The nearest alternative HSBC branch with counter services is located in Bishopsgate, though this branch is currently closed for refurbishment and will reopen on 18 September 2023. 

The closure of the HSBC branch will be followed by the closure of Natwest on Bethnal Green Road on 27 September 2023. 

The termination of these two neighbouring bank branches is indicative of a wider trend of bank closures, with HSBC shutting 114 branches this year. 

In total, more than 400 banks and building societies across the country will be shutting their doors in 2023 to account for reduced footfall as more people are turning to online banking.

The closure of local high street banks threatens the few remaining cash-only East End establishments such as Randolfis on the Roman and The Palm Tree pub in Mile End.

Customers can access some banking services at the Post Office, where they can pay in cash and cheques, withdraw cash, and check the balance of personal and business bank accounts over the counter. The nearest Post Office branch is located at 365 Bethnal Green Road. 

The nearest HSBC UK Digital Service branch with no counter services is located in Canary Wharf. 

The Bishopsgate branch with counter service is located at 1-3 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 3AQ

The Canary Wharf digital service branch is located at Retail Unity 8, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AH.


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