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How Hackney Road’s family-owned bakery Greedy Cow Bakes has become a national sensation

Located at the heart of Hackney Road, between Cambridge Heath Station and Columbia Road Flower Market, Greedy Cow Bakes has quickly attracted regulars and tourists from far and wide.

Since it opened in December 2023, queues of customers have been seen lining up under the shop’s welcoming brown and cream striped awning, all the way down to the number 8 bus stop, 100 metres down the road. 

Regulars from the nearby pub, Durham Arms, and even tourists from France, are among those who patiently await their turn to browse the options.

With its bright, neon window sign, illuminating rows and rows of freshly baked doughnuts, you cannot miss it despite the shop’s small shopfront. 

Nazia Yasmin, the owner, moves around the shop busily, filling trays with new bakes she has just made in the back kitchen. Apron tied back, with flour on her sleeves, she responds to customers’ praises with a humble smile. 

The cramped space only allows for two to three customers inside at a time, so you’ll find yourself queuing outside but the time flies as fast as the doughnuts sell out. 

When you step inside, the scent of the pastries mingles with the sweet fragrance of sugar and cream. Once you’ve browsed the weekly menu by the cash register, the low lighting and warmth of the bakery invite you to linger longer.

Yasmin’s shop offers a mouthwatering array of pastries, from moist chocolate cakes to fluffy, chocolate-filled doughnuts. Each treat is handmade with care and attention to detail.

Not too greasy and not too sweet, the Korean milk doughnuts are your go-to. Split and filled with pillowy whipped cream and dusted lightly with sugar, these doughnuts are known for their extremely fluffy texture.

As you take your first bite of the doughnut, you experience a symphony of tastes and textures, from the decadent chocolate ganache to the ethereal wisps of cream. The dough is airy, perfectly complemented by the creamy filling that melts on your tongue. 

You can also grab a hot chocolate topped with toffee-torched marshmallows and lightly dusted cocoa. Provided by the servers, it is a perfect way to keep your hands warm whilst you wait.

Yasmin’s journey from home baker to bakery store owner was fueled by her passion for baking and a desire to share her creations with others through lockdown. Despite challenges, including limited space and overwhelming demand, she continues to provide her customers with truly sublime pastries.

Before you head out, you should know that Greedy Cow Bakes is only open from Friday to Sunday. A tenner will give you the chance to try out a few of the delectable doughnuts. 

Stepping back out onto busy Hackney Road, whether you’re a local regular or first-time visitor, you are sure to leave satisfied. 

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